The Many Faces of UTHealth Houston:
Dr. Gustavo Oderich

2D Animation, Design, 3D Projection

Descriptions of medical proceedures sound dry and clinical -- until you or a family member needs surgery. Our goal with these spots was to tell stories of the brilliant doctors in the UT Healthcare system and how their discoveries are saving lives.

Produced at Bonfire NYC


Jason Mayo – Managing Director
Mike Seabrooke – Head of Post Production
Creative Director – Aron Baxter
Eric Konon – Senior Animator
Carmine La Morte – CG workflow adviser
Robert Ashinkos – Conform


Mark Summers – Illustrator
Black Iris – Music/Sound Design

Carlberg Branding & Advertising – Titles
Gayl Carlberg – Chief Executive Officer/Executive Creative Director
Josh Powers – Group Creative Director
Chris Carlberg – Creative Director
Karen Holland – Creative Director
Mike Hulsey – Broadcast Producer



We worked with illustrator Mark Summers (whose work you can see in Rolling Stone and those Barnes & Noble tote bags) to create a set of illustrations for each spot. 

Once the woodcuts were finalized, Mark sent us massive scans of his work which I then used to build out the entire spot.


We wanted the moment where we reveal Dr. Oderich's to be grand and dramatic, so we used projection mapping in C4D to add some depth to his big reveal.

The Many Faces of UTHealth Houston:
Dr. Dianna Milewicz


In this spot, we learn the story of Dr. Dianna Milewicz, a doctor at UT Health Houston who, along with her research team, discovered an altered gene associated with aortic dissection -- and how the disovery is saving lives worldwide.

For this spot, we recreated the DNA fuses in Mark Summer's style within Cinema 4D to give the DNA strand a more dynamic, subtle 3D effect. 

We also recreated the spark itself in After Effects using Maxon / Trapcode Particular along with some good old fashioned handmade keyframes.



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