CNBC News Segments

Design, 2D Animation

I had an opportunity to work with CNBC producing news graphics for their web content division. The process was different than working at a studio: I’d get a script, a couple words about the producer’s vision and roughly half a day to build a first draft. In that time, I’d design and animate graphics to help the viewer grasp key ideas and concepts.

Produced at CNBC

Why Elon Musk’s Boring Company Isn’t Fixing Traffic Anytime Soon

My job for this segment was first to research how tunnel boring machines actually work. After that, I illustrated and animated the segment to the timing of the voice over.


What the Next Space Station May Look Like

The task was similar on this graphics package for a segment on the International Space Station. My job was to draw the elements described in the script and later, animate to the timing of the voice over.



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