Bath and Body Works: Feeling Wonderfall 2023 In-Store Display

2D Animation, 3D Animation, 3D Projection Mapping

I was approached by the great folks at Spacejunk to help build out an in-store animation to introduce Bath and Body Works new scents for Fall 2023. The spot would later be presented on screens in every Bath and Body Works location (1,722 stores as of 2023!) in the country.

Produced at Spacejunk


We decided on a 2D/3D hybrid approach to building the spot. The leaf element is the main “character” as it directs our eyes from product to product. We built and animated it in 3D to give it life and personality. 


We 3D projected assets onto geometry to add a bit of dimension while staying 100% true to the client-supplied artwork. Using projection maps keeps render times relatively short, which was a nice bonus.


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